I’ve been traveling the country breaking bread with some of the finest deplorables I’ve ever met.

By now you’ve probably heard about Jacked Brunches. You may not know what they’re about yet.

We meet up, talk, share meals together, and act like real human beings. You know, like everyone did before the age of COVID. It’s a great chance to come try out the Liminal Order energy, dip your toe in, and see how good life can be when you’re friends with actual adults.

If you haven’t been to one, you might wonder what they’re like. Is it a serious affair where we sit around a table discussing political strategies? Do we frown and complain about the state of the world?

Fuck that. Boring can take a hike. People have the time of their life at Jacked Brunches. Everyone’s got a huge smile on their face.

There’s real joy at every table and everyone’s in a great mood.

People are making friends, building connections, and swapping phone numbers. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard people say, “Wow I had no idea people in this area felt like I do. It’s so great not to be alone.”

That’s what these experiences are all about. You don’t know who might be living two doors down from you, but you’ll meet at our gathering. Jacked Brunches aren’t just to attract some group of elite snobs to own the Libs. We’re connecting real people together and building networks so no one is ever alone again.

“Do I have to be jacked to show up?” Hell no. I’m jacked enough for both of us, baby. If you’re still working on your tanned Adonis look, come anyway. No one’s gonna judge the pudge. Spend time around people who are just glad you’re working to get better. There are so many social opportunities at these gatherings that you’ll level up five times just from eating together.

One of the best parts is that we don’t have to deal with Leftists at every other table. They’re all huddled at home, putting a little mask on their cat. If we walk in as a group, they see us laughing and enjoying ourselves and they scatter. There’s power in groups. No one comes out to give us shit for not complying with every tiny protocol. Even the servers get in on our fun.

This is a vetting group. It shows you who has real substance and who’s fake. The people you chat with online come out and show you who they really are. And you get to be proven yourself, so people trust you even more.

Does every person at every table share the same views? Fuck no. They may not even have voted the same way. We’ve got plenty of members with Biden regret. But even if the people at your table are different from you, they are sympathetic to your worldview. Because everyone present has a lot in common already. That’s why it’s so damn easy to make new friends at these groups because you know they share your values.

It’s like Disney World where you know all the characters. You’ve seen some of these people online and wanted to hit them up. Now you can shake their hand and ask them to pass the salt.

Remember five years ago when people were sane? Jacked Brunches are your way to travel back in time to when society made sense. There’s food, laughter, and joy. You meet people who aren’t going to hate you in five minutes, or feel like you can’t tell them your opinion on vaccines. Freedom of speech is pushed to its limits in the best possible way.

What surprised me most was how natural the family components feel. The women commandeer their own tables and spend hours talking and laughing. It’s been amazing to see them networking and building their local tribe. Women making alliances together. Even the kids like each other. None of that “the parents hate each other but the kids like each other” bullshit. I’ve watched families build strong bonds with local connections that I know will last for years.

Have you ever wondered how to identify the people in your area that feel like you do? Are you looking for families with good values to be friends with your kids? Does your wife need girlfriends who aren’t batshit insane and pushing her to get divorced? Jacked Brunches bring back normal human interactions.

COVID is over, sweetheart. Real life has returned.

It’s also a great way to test drive the Liminal Order spirit before joining. Are you interested in the LO but not 100 percent sure it’s for you? How about you just dip your toe in? Guys go from “I’m kinda interested” to “Jack I need you to help me sign up right now” before the end of the brunch. I’ve helped some guys navigate the starting process and booked their interviews on the spot. Digital networks feel different when you shake hands and eat together.

If you’re looking for a great meal at a five-star location with a mimosa buffet, we’ve got you.

Enjoy a nice little champagne buzz on a Sunday afternoon with friends.

Remember what life was like before COVID.

Remind yourself what life will be like when we shove the Maoists back in their hole.

Stop waiting for Biden’s permission to eat with friends. Come enjoy a Jacked Brunch with people you can actually like. It’s time to live like adults again.

I’ll see you at the next one.


P.S. Everyone wants to make connections. We want new networking opportunities and social opportunities. We want to be around people who aren’t going to judge us.

Jacked Brunch is your place to connect with real adults you can be friends with. If you’re looking to build a local network, join us at the next event!

– 11/21/21 NorCal / Bay Area

– 12/05/21 Denver

– 01/16/22 LA

– 01/30/22 Seattle

– 02/27/22 Washington DC

Jacked Brunch Austin 11/07/21

In today’s time we need fellowship more than ever. We’re isolated, attacked, and many of us face social exile. Jacked Brunch is the answer and a way to fight back. We are all stronger together. Come join us on a Sunday afternoon for food, fun, and fellowship. Break bread, share some wine, make new connections, build new relationships, and rekindle the spirit of friendship in a hostile age.

Tickets are selling quickly because there is such high demand! Please register ASAP so we can get the right size space to accommodate our growing numbers.

Get your tickets today!



Jacked Brunch is coming to Austin Texas on November 7th, 2021! Join us for a five star brunch, complimentary mimosa bar, and the chance to network with other like minded people. You are not alone, even in Austin ;).

This event is open to everyone including wives, GF’s, single ladies, kids, whoever – the point is to meet and mingle with people who aren’t insane and might even be cool. Make a connection, build a business, find a date – who knows what can happen when you get together.

Tickets are on sale now – prices will be going up so please purchase like the Democrats vote: early and often!

Get your ticket today!

No VAX mandates for Jacked Brunch

We at Jacked Brunch do not support vaccine mandates, nor do we support jurisdictions or business that support them. Therefore our “NYC” event will be held in Jersey City, NJ, one stop outside of Manhattan.
We vote with our dollars.

Join us for Jacked Brunch, Jersey City!